Where do I belong?

Ah Beau Taplin, your words are always so, yes, and always at the right time.

I’ve been feeling stuck, and stagnant and all things uninspired for far too long now. I’m in the rut that we are almost always destined for which is finding the balance of what I love to do and what pays the bills. 

The job/career, the well paying stability of it all is just so appealing, until it’s not. In this world of social media my FOMO is heightened. I see beautiful destinations and sandy beaches, and cultural colors and exotic foods and I want that. Who doesn’t want that? 

I’ve hit the wall however. Where just a touch and a taste will no longer suffice. A holiday only to return to the rut to wish away the days till next time is no longer satisfying. 

This soul is trapped and craving stimulation. 

I no longer fit the 9-5 uniformity of it all. I see friends describe themselves as gypsies and I long to be on the next plane to nowhere in particular. 

I know social media world isn’t always real world. I know people put theirbest versions at the forefront in an attempt to hide what is real but what if there is more real out there than this.

I don’t know where I want to be, I don’t know the path to get me there. But I do know that where I am isn’t the right fit anymore.

And I know I have two options, sit around and complain waiting for someone to hand me the golden ticket to happiness, or take a leap and look outside my current situation for what I love and what makes me happy.