savings challenge update

So a month and a bit into my savings experiments how am I going?

Well the $2 and the $5 challenge are going well. I have a pile of $5 notes which is slowly growing and a bottle of $2 coins which is slowly filling.

Do I feel like I have “saved” any money?

In short, no! Have I put money aside? Yes. But as far as actually achieving what these 2 challenges are designed to achieve no I haven’t quite got that part right.

The whole idea behind these 2 things is that instead of grabbing the $2 coin in your purse and having that chocolate bar from the work charity choccies I am supposed to save that $2 coin and also not have the chocolate. Same goes with the $5 note and the coffee. So far all I have done is either go and get another $20 note out of the ATM or used my card to paypass these things.

So this month, and seeing as we are halfway through, next month the goal is actually continue to put the $2 and $5 aside and build that for a nice surprise for my Europe trip AND also stop with the mindless spending and snacking throughout the day.

In other news about making a change for myself and getting out of this cycle I feel stuck in I bought myself a desk and chair to give myself my own proper work space to make and create. I’m really excited for some things that are starting to come together.

Watch this space.


2 thoughts on “savings challenge update

  1. Ashley says:

    Hey, it’s a start. I’ve done something similar since August, but I put all bills I’ve “broke” in my jar. I have almost $200 now. I’m thinking I may just put it in my savings acct.


  2. I agree, something is always better than nothing and a small change in habit can progress to bigger changes in habits. I find I tend to go all in too quickly and then when it doesn’t immediately work I’m disappointed. I have to remember that my bad habits with spending money aren’t just going to change over night. Small steps and more conscious spending with little changes over time will have a greater effect in the long run. And good on you, $200 extra hanging around is great and if you can gain a little bit of interest on it in your savings account, even better.


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